The dynamic environment of the city

The city is a dynamic and complex environment. It is were living, working & leisure comes together. A good building fits that environment and fits its users. This is the starting point for realizing new and better buildings.

Buildings for the future

Buildings are not only serving today’s users. They also have to accommodate the next generation. Here lies a difficult task for the developer. The world is constantly changing, rapidly. To keep up, anticipation and flexibility are key. When possible, they need to be able to adapt. INSPIRE looks ahead and accounts for change in use. In our view, climate-neutral building and incorporating design sustainability in today’s buildings is a must.

Buildings that service the user

The value of buildings depends on the way they service the user. The trick is realizing buildings that service the users most. The best investment in real estate is when users are content. Inspire wants to create buildings that not only service and support the users but also realize buildings where they can be fond of.


Inspires focus is on development in an urban context. These are complex projects. More than often financially difficult -margins are low- and ownership is complicated. In the city the immediate environment of buildings is an important factor. Interest groups have to be satisfied. Surrounding buildings have to remain undeterred, discomfort for their inhabitants minimized. Building logistics is an important factor. Finally, (government) regulations and policies need to be followed. All this has to be taken in account in a constantly changing environment. How such a project can be guided in the right direction?


Inspire makes complex projects manageable. Not by simplifying things but by thorough analysis of the challenges in the planning phase. Future scenarios are worked out in detail. Thorough planning lies at the basis of a solid strategy

This approach leads to

  • Managing risk
  • Clear realistic goals
  • Optimal lead time
  • Optimizing profits and minimizing costs


Inspire functions as an orchestrator in urban developments, guiding all the involved parties. Inspire realizes buildings to be loved and buildings that let users perform. Inspire acts as an advisor, managing principal or turnkey developer to realize buildings that can stand the test of time.